Better Half Need Improvement? Elmo to the Rescue!

Part One

My husband is always at least a step ahead of himself, thinking his next great thought instead of finishing what he is doing.

For this reason, we have lots of conversations about turning off lights, closing cupboards, and locking doors.

Last year I had him paying a dollar every time the toilet seat was left up. The behavior improved, proving the old wisdom to tax the behaviors you want to discourage.

For years now, I’ve teased that I’m going to buy him an Elmo video designed to teach preschoolers to do the simple tasks I’m asking of him.

This year, for his birthday, I made him such a video. Feel free to use it with anyone at your house who needs it and I hope you enjoy : )

Part Two

I mentioned to my better half that Christmas shopping is going to be more difficult than usual this year. Poor thing looked like the proverbial deer, eyes wide, preparing for the worst.

“Shopping stresses me out,” he admitted. When I asked why, he explained that he just doesn’t know what to get. That’s when I realized it was time for Elmo to make another visit.

To all you freaked out husbands and hopeful wives, worry not. Elmo is here to bring our guys one step closer to husband perfection.

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