Turkey’s Dream About to Come True

Life will be very different a week from now

Photo by ASHISH SHARMA from Pexels

Something is definitely up. I’ve been alive 6 months now so I’m a good judge of this farm and there is something cooking for sure.

Farmer Bob has always taken a shine to me. He makes sure I get plenty to eat and don’t run around too much. He gives me the best corn and the softest hay . The other animals are jealous but I can’t help if I’m special.

Yesterday the whole family came out to see me. They were talking about a party and looking right at me! Even Muffy the cat and Rex the dog were there.

That’s when it hit me. Farmer Bob is going to make ME one of his pets! Luther the old pig said my dad was treated well too. Then he was taken into the house.

According to Luther, Papa went inside around this time of year and never came back out. This must mean my father became such a prized member of the family he was kept in luxury forever!

Now this is about to happen to me! I strut proudly when the people come by. I want them to see they are making a good decision choosing me as their newest family member.

Muffy and Rex say the house is cool in summer and warm in winter. They sleep in comfy beds and, soon, so will I!

I plant to act modest at my welcome dinner – maybe they’ll even call it Turkey Day! I will be polite and not gobble my food.

Delicious aromas come from the farmhouse and now I’ll be able to try some of these delicacies! Don’t get me wrong. I love my dried corn but I’ve heard tales of delicious warm corn, creamy corn and even popped corn. I won’t be able to contain my amazement if THAT turns out to be true!

The children will cuddle and pet me and I’ll be extra careful not to peck anyone. I will purr when we sit together by the fire. Yes, turkeys purr.

Maybe we will play the hiding and finding game I’ve seen youngsters doing. I can be very quiet so I’m sure I’ll be great at it.

Sometimes I hear the family singing. They make lovely sounds and I will learn to do that too. Maybe my warble will make the people smash their hands together in excitement like they do when Rex catches a ball.

Best of all, I will finally meet my Dad! He and I will be great pals. Maybe we can have a catch like Farmer Bob and his son. The family will love me more than creamy warm corn (if that’s an actual thing.)

My dreams are about to come true.

I’m going to stop right now and say a prayer of thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!