My Live Storytelling Journey (So Far)

I retired from teaching in May 2018 and, at first, told myself I would just take a year off (ha ha.)  I always wanted to move to the mountains and I always wanted to write. 

The mountain move was easy.  Then I began searching for what to do with myself when I wasn’t hiking.  I wrote for the local newspaper and started this blog.  I wrote on Medium.  I took online classes. 

And then I discovered storytelling. 

December at The Moth

I did a couple of open mic events – no more than a dozen people – and began listening to The Moth Radio Hour.  For my 64th birthday last December, I told a story at The Moth in Atlanta and, incredibly, I won! 

February at The Moth

When I heard the theme for February would be Love Hurts, I dusted off an old story and prepared myself to get on the big stage a second time.  I didn’t feel it went as well – you can read that account here – and I’m still sorting out why. 

Back to School

My favorite Moth storyteller hosts online classes so I took a six-week course with some amazing people.  We wrote stories and helped one another craft them into art.  At the end, we had a class show and I told this story

Now I’m ready to go back to The Moth and tell The Boomer Weed Fiasco.  The theme is Cravings. 

After that, who knows? 

You Can Help!

One issue I have is coming up with story ideas. 

Some people have an incredible ability to remember their lives in great detail (those people make me anxious.)  Others kept detailed journals through the years.  Sadly, I am neither of those.  I recall my life as a series of still photos, most of them fuzzy. 

At The Moth, stories must be true and the storyteller must be the main character.  I’m now approaching others for recollections of interesting events – yes, I’m asking you to remind me of my life.  

If you have a memory of anything funny, scary, poignant or ridiculous in which I played a part, please leave a note in the comments or message me with your thoughts.  If I turn it into a story, you’ll be the first to know : )

Thanks for reading and watching! Check me out on Medium. Your support means so much : )